Leonie, the face behind Feliz Domingo

My story

Hi, I’m Leonie, a thirty something Dutch girl living in Spain. The story of Feliz Domingo began with a simple desire to offer distinctive, handmade alternatives to mass-produced accessories. My designs are created with curious, fashion-forward women in mind, who have a strong sense of individuality. I believe that jewellery and decoration should be more than just an accessory; they should be a an extension of your story and a reflection of who you are. Therefore, I aim to create versatile pieces that spark joy and allow you to easily make a statement with your style.

Every piece is designed or selected with a lot of love, and handcrafted using only the finest materials and attention to detail. All materials, colors and styles are carefully curated to cater those who seek something truly unique.

My mission

My mission is to empower women to express their authenticity, embrace their flaws and dare to be different. I invite you to join me on this journey, and explore my collection of feminine, yet playful designs that will make you stand out from the crowd. Feel free to experiment and mix and match the items in a way that creates a unique and personalized look, because let’s be honest: life’s too short to wear boring jewellery or have a plain interior.

Behind the name

Feliz Domingo means ‘Happy Sunday’ in Spanish (I live in Valencia). The name was thoughtfully chosen to embody the essence of my designs. Sunday, often considered the most pleasant day of the week, reminds me of a relaxed and carefree mindset, without worries. This aligns perfectly with the feeling I want my customers to have when using or displaying my items. Just like Sundays, my designs evoke a sense of happiness, playfulness and positive energy. 

Together with you, I would love to celebrate life’s little pleasures and enjoy every moment in style and with a positive attitude, as if it were always Sunday.

Becoming a reseller

For Feliz Domingo, I believe in the power of partnerships. If you’re a retailer who appreciates original brands with small-scaled collections, check out my wholesale information and reach out to me! I only work with a limited number of retailers and will evaluate every application based on overall shop aesthetics. If I think there is a match, I will kindly provide you with my wholesale catalogue and pricelist.

With love, Leonie


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